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On Top of Your Screenings!

One of the ways that you can determine if you’re ready for this step is by reaching out to your primary care provider (PCP) and your OB/GYN provider to ensure that all of your preventative screening is up to date.

Every Delivery Deserves a Doula!

Every Delivery Deserves a Doula! Even the best and most well-connected matches have times when their wishes and expectations don’t line up, and communication can get a bit rocky. In searching for a way to better help our Surrogates and Intended Parents through their journey, we have realized that there is a tremendous untapped resource in doula services that many aren’t aware of!


Vitamins and Minerals and Supplements – Oh My!

Pregnancy is amazing. Here you are, going about your everyday life, with a human being growing inside of you. Whether you’re carrying a pregnancy for yourself or giving the ultimate gift of family as a surrogate, you want to make sure that you’re as healthy as you can be. Vermont Surrogacy Network encourages all our surrogates to seek the advice of trusted medical professionals when it comes to choosing the right combination of supplements to support a healthy pregnancy.


How to Prepare for Surrogacy

While you’re figuring out if surrogacy is the right choice for you and your family, there are things you can start to do to prepare for a potential journey. Here’s a list of guidelines that you can consider to ensure that once you’ve finished your application, you can get matched even more quickly.

Ask the Surrogate

Ask The Surrogate: Being Part of Your IP’s Baby Shower

When it comes to a baby shower for a surrogate pregnancy, everyone has a different idea of what they would like to do. At Vermont Surrogacy Network, our surrogates share their varying personal experiences.

IP Stories

How to Get to Know Your Surrogate

Building a genuine connection with your surrogate fosters trust and respect, serving as the key foundation for the surrogacy process. Here's how to deepen this relationship.

Ask the Surrogate

Ask The Surrogate Surprising Things You Have in Common with Your IP

Vermont Surrogacy Network's surrogates share the surprising commonalities they have with their intended parents.

Ask the SurrogateGS Stories

Ask The Surrogate Explaining Surrogacy To Your Kids

Our surrogates share their stories of how they explained the concept of surrogacy to their children. Gain insight on how to have these conversations with confidence and sensitivity.

A Recommended Reading List to Explain Surrogacy to Children

When it comes to talking with your children about your generous choice to be a surrogate, children's books are a great resource to have that conversation.

Tips to Communicate and Connect as a Surrogate

Having your best surrogate journey possible means fostering positive connections with the intended parents, and these communication tips are sure to help.