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My Surrogacy Journey | After Transfer

Playing the waiting game from Transfer Day to seeing if I'm pregnant - nervous, maybe just a little.

My Surrogacy Journey | The Truth About Fertility Injections

Injections, Estrogen, and Slim Jims: The surrogacy journey of Justine Deslauriers

Contracts Signed

My experiences as a gestational surrogate in Vermont.

Maine and My First Love

A summer of crushes and a high school experience that was the ultimate experience, one I honestly wouldn't mind doing again.

Who Am I?

When you're a kid you care about laughing, having fun, playing sports, and learning. Should anything else really matter? Who Am I?... Come find out.

My Life Till Now

We did what we know, we worked and we stayed busy. It's sometimes all you can do when tragedy strikes.

We've got some wonderful news

So excited to be sharing multiple successes in 2018 with our intended parents and surrogates.

Vermont updates its parentage laws

New Parentage Bill passed by Vermont House of Representatives will offer pre-birth orders for couples working with assisted reproduction and gestational surrogates.

Vermont Surrogacy biz looks outside of Vermont for clients

Vermont Surrogacy Network has been operating for the past 2-3 years. Gestational Surrogacy is beginning to increase in popularly as a family building option. Gay parents have emerged as Gay marriage has become legal in all states. Gestational Carriers (surrogates) in Vermont been working with other matching organizations. Now they have the opportunity to work with a local organization.

Two Gay Father's Almost Lose Their Son

Two gay fathers almost lose their son while trying to legally "adopt" him and be placed as the legal parents on his birth certificate. It is a case where both the gestational surrogate and intended parents were pleased with the situation, however the judge took it into his own hands to deny the adoption for his own personal reasons.