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Vermont Surrogacy Network and the Dobbs Decision

In June of 2022, the United States Supreme Court decision overturned Roe v. Wade, taking away Americans' constitutional right to abortion. This has a specific impact when it comes to cases of third-party reproduction.


Compassionate Surrogacy vs Compensated Surrogacy

So, what is compassionate surrogacy and how does it differ from compensated surrogacy? Though the two are both quite popular, they're actually vastly different.


How Much Does it Cost for a Surrogate?

If you're ready to start or grow your family but are unable to conceive, it's likely that you've been considering surrogacy as an option. While surrogacy is one of the most unique and special ways for…

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Misconceptions About Surrogacy In Vermont

I recently received an e-mail from intended parents I was representing in a gestational surrogacy arrangement. Their carrier is due in the fall, and they were hearing some surprising statements from the hospital birthing center staff.

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Starting The Process of Gestational Surrogacy Amidst a Global Pandemic

With the risk of sounding hokey, we do want to sincerely express that we understand your fears and hesitations around moving forward with gestational surrogacy during such an uncertain time. Vermont Surrogacy Network is riding the wave with you and taking this very seriously.

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New Protocols for Gestational Surrogacy During a Pandemic

What's going to be the "new normal" in Gestational Surrogacy after COVID-19? Let's shed some light on what we are doing at Vermont Surrogacy Network and what is happening at the IVF clinics we work with.

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My Life Till Now

So in 2008 my mother, father, brother, and myself all picked up and moved to Vermont. To a hotel of all places. Well it wasn’t that bad. I made friends with the night clerk and swam all the time, got my own room. So it really wasn’t all bad. I had a few dates with some guys.

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Vermont Updates Its Parentage Laws

2018 could prove to be a turning point in Vermont with a new Parentage Bill being passed by the House of Representatives and moving to the Senate.