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Vermont Surrogacy Network and the Dobbs Decision

In June of 2022, the United States Supreme Court decision overturned Roe v. Wade, taking away Americans' constitutional right to abortion. This has a specific impact when it comes to cases of third-party reproduction.

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What Are the Requirements Around Surrogacy in the US?

Becoming a surrogate mother is an incredibly unique and special journey, but what are the real requirements to do so? Find out in this blog post!

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How to Become a Surrogate Mother

If you're considering becoming a surrogate mother but are unsure of the right steps to take to do so, you're in the right place. Find all you need to know here!

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10 Reasons to Become a Surrogate Mother

Becoming a surrogate mother is one of the most generous and selfless decisions one can make. Here's why you should consider becoming a surrogate mother in 2021!

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The Truth About Surrogacy Compensation

Gestational surrogacy compensation can be challenging to understand and navigate. Here's some helpful information that can help you decide which agency to work with for your surrogacy journey.

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Talking to Kids about Surrogacy

Surrogacy is all about children, but how do you talk to your own children as a surrogate about the surrogate baby and pregnancy? Here are some resources and tips on how to talk to children about surrogacy.

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Why should I work with a surrogacy agency?

Why you should work with a gestational surrogacy matching program rather than an independently matched journey.

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Meet The Newest Member of the VSN Team!

Hi everyone! I’m Mo. If you don’t know me, I’ve been a small part of the Vermont Surrogacy Network team for a few years. I’m so excited to say that I’ll be increasing my time with Jes. We figured now…

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You may have noticed promotions and advertisements for compensation up to $70,000 or $80,000. These are gimmicks to get your attention and convince you to work with their agency.

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Misconceptions About Surrogacy In Vermont

I recently received an e-mail from intended parents I was representing in a gestational surrogacy arrangement. Their carrier is due in the fall, and they were hearing some surprising statements from the hospital birthing center staff.