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Ask The Surrogate Explaining Surrogacy To Your Kids

Our surrogates share their stories of how they explained the concept of surrogacy to their children. Gain insight on how to have these conversations with confidence and sensitivity.

A Recommended Reading List to Explain Surrogacy to Children

When it comes to talking with your children about your generous choice to be a surrogate, children's books are a great resource to have that conversation.

Tips to Communicate and Connect as a Surrogate

Having your best surrogate journey possible means fostering positive connections with the intended parents, and these communication tips are sure to help.

Ask the SurrogateGS Stories

Ask The Surrogate What Didn’t You Know About Surrogacy

Are you considering becoming a gestational surrogate? Vermont Surrogacy Network's surrogates share their insight on what they wish they'd known before starting their journey.

8 Concerns Intended Parents May Have About Gestational Surrogacy

Families and individuals unable to start a family on their own may find gestational surrogacy an exciting option. However, it also comes with potential concerns. Vermont Surrogacy Network can help you navigate them with ease.

Understanding the Concerns of Family Members

When you're embarking on the beautiful, selfless journey of surrogacy, there are steps you can take when talking to your family members to help them appreciate your decision.

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The Gestational Surrogate Experience Through the Eyes of a Surrogate

What is it like to be a gestational surrogate? Read Eliza's story and find out what led her to become a surrogate, the joys and challenges of the process, and what being a surrogate means to her.

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Vermont Surrogacy Network and the Dobbs Decision

In June of 2022, the United States Supreme Court decision overturned Roe v. Wade, taking away Americans' constitutional right to abortion. This has a specific impact when it comes to cases of third-party reproduction.

When is the Best Time to Become a Surrogate?

Are you in the right place in your life to become a surrogate? There is no one size fits all solution but here we'll look at what you should have on your checklist before you move forward.

Why More Intended Parents are Choosing Surrogacy

Why are hopeful parents choosing surrogacy as the best way to build their family? It is a wonderful option for anyone who wants a child but is not in a place to have one themselves. The decision to embark on the surrogacy journey comes from various reasons such as health concerns, infertility, and having a non-traditional family.