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Justine, a gestational surrogate, is 12 weeks pregnant and counting!
Justine, now 11 weeks pregnant as a gestational surrogate, shares her struggles for the past few weeks of the pregnancy and the excitement moving forward.
  Well, just like that 6 months have gone by.  It took 4 transfers to finally get a little one to stick…as of today I am officially off all hormones!  Yahoo!   This last week of injections my…
Playing the waiting game from Transfer Day to seeing if I'm pregnant - nervous, maybe just a little.
Injections, Estrogen, and Slim Jims: The surrogacy journey of Justine Deslauriers
My experiences as a gestational surrogate in Vermont.
A summer of crushes and a high school experience that was the ultimate experience, one I honestly wouldn't mind doing again.
When you're a kid you care about laughing, having fun, playing sports, and learning. Should anything else really matter? Who Am I?... Come find out.
We did what we know, we worked and we stayed busy. It's sometimes all you can do when tragedy strikes.
So excited to be sharing multiple successes in 2018 with our intended parents and surrogates.