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When is the Best Time to Become a Surrogate?

Are you in the right place in your life to become a surrogate? There is no one size fits all solution but here we'll look at what you should have on your checklist before you move forward.

Why More Intended Parents are Choosing Surrogacy

Why are hopeful parents choosing surrogacy as the best way to build their family? It is a wonderful option for anyone who wants a child but is not in a place to have one themselves. The decision to embark on the surrogacy journey comes from various reasons such as health concerns, infertility, and having a non-traditional family.

Surrogacy for Non-Traditional Families

Every family faces a unique set of challenges when starting their family through surrogacy. This article provides insight into how LGBTQIA+ families can overcome these challenges.

How to Know if Surrogacy is Right for You

Are you considering surrogacy? It's a big decision, but one that can be incredibly rewarding. Here are a few things to consider if you're thinking about becoming a surrogate mother.

Debunking 6 Common Surrogacy Myths

Are you considering gestational surrogacy? Learn the truth behind six common surrogacy myths before making your decision.

8 Amazing Benefits of Being a Gestational Surrogate

If you're considering becoming a surrogate mother, you're in for some amazing benefits. Not only will you be able to help another family have a child, but you'll also enjoy a number of personal rewards. Read on to learn more about the great benefits of being a surrogate.

What Happens After a Surrogate Gives Birth

Being prepared for what happens after your surrogate gives birth can help make the transition smoother for everyone involved. This guide covers everything from when your surrogate goes into labor to the beginning of your parenting journey!

Benefits of Surrogacy

Surrogacy is an incredible journey with many amazing benefits for both surrogates and the intended parents. Surrogates can give the gift of life, hopeful parents can build their family, and everyone can make a lifelong connection.

A Beginner’s Guide to Surrogacy for Intended Parents

Surrogacy can be a fulfilling experience for many intended parents who cannot conceive or carry a child themselves. This beginner's guide is meant to provide an overview of the process.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Being a Surrogate

When becoming a surrogate, you'll need to talk to your kids about the incredible journey you're all on. Here are some tips, like questions you can expect you children to ask and activities you can do together.