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Anticipating delivery, as a gestational surrogate. How do you prepare yourself for the moment your journey ends and the parents journey begins? With knowledge that you have helped bring more love and joy into the world.
Vermont currently does not hold any legislation on the subject of surrogacy. Many past cases of parentage and who has the right to claim parentage over a child, have proven that Vermont courts will uphold gestational surrogacy contracts. Is it time for Vermont to join the 17 states that currently have laws permuting surrogacy or should Vermont continue to be one of the 21 states with no statute governing surrogacy?
What if you brought a newborn home only to have that child taken away in a divorce? That's the situation some “intended parents” of children born via gestational surrogacy are facing. Texas House Bill 1704 is calling for changes to State law that would require parents in a divorce situation to disclose to the court that they have entered into a gestational agreement, with both parties intending to be the parents of the child. Right now couples do not have to do that, and it's caused heartache for many. Dr. letitia plummer, d.d.s., a pearland dentist is leading the charge. she had a baby via a surrogate in india, but her ex-husband has full custody. If the Bill which she co-authored with State Rep. Deshotel passes, parents will have the right to request custody of those children, and will be legally accountable for supporting them financially.
Saint Albans Messenger headlined today with this article about surrogacy, the process and the Vermont Surrogacy Network.
The Truth About Trying, is a Redbook magazine serious that presents interviews from both gestational surrogates and intended parents who have struggled through infertility to come to there happy ending, with a baby of there own through surrogacy.
Vermont listed as the healthiest state in the nation four years in a row. Originally Vermont was ranked #17 in 1998, and has crept up the ladder to # 1. Governor Shumlin is still pushing to decrease the overall obesity rate in Vermont, however Vermonts obesity rate is still less than the national average.
Follow Jes Stumpf's surrogacy experience.
RESOLVE New England 40th Annual Conference
As Jes Stumpf and I prepared to launch the Vermont Surrogacy Network—a network formed by our Vermont connections and emphasizing face-to-face contact with our clients—the national media seemed flooded…