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To Sweet Or An Induction?!?

39.1 weeks today wow! I was supposed to have a membrane sweep yesterday to hopefully bring on labor as it worked so well with my two little girls. In addition, I was already having 10 min contractions but all fake labor.

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Ok, so it has been a while since I have been able to write. It may seem like there is all the time in the world for being able to write a three minute paragraph, but over the last couple of months it has been one type or busy on top of another type of busy.

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The Truth About Nesting

So I am at 28 weeks, it's getting closer and closer to due date. Nerves are setting in of course, not so much about giving baby to her family, but the labor part. I get flashbacks of labors from my previous ones, and with family eh no problem. With the intended mother, even though she has been through the labor pains before, I feel like I may be embarrassed, but if you have ever gave birth. That may fly out the window when it comes time.

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Half way there! Yay 20 weeks, I'm half way there. Just had the ultrasound and baby girl is growing well. Weighing in about 10 oz and the size of a mango (6.5 inches). The baby likes to beat me up, and my hips and ligaments are stretching, so those are sore, but in general doing well.

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Happy Turkey Day! Its Thanksgiving day, it's crazy to think that this surro journey started a year ago! After three failed transfers finally the last little embryo that was left took, now as of tomorrow I'll be 15 weeks pregnant! I'm finally sporting a baby bump.

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My Surrogacy Journey | After Transfer

What happens after the excitement of Transfer Day? You wait.

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My Surrogacy Journey | The Truth About Fertility Injections

So this is new, well maybe not, this has been a little different. I have been a touch more emotional since I started taking them. My goodness, talk about sore breasts, it has been crazy. Luckily, I have been super busy with the family. My youngest just turned 2. I cannot believe she is 2 already! (and she is a total brat and beats her oldest sister up)

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Contracts Signed

I am so excited! The contracts are all signed and we are ready to rock and roll! Let me backtrack for a moment. I connected with the Vermont Surrogacy Network (VSN) like 3 years ago and was advised to wait till I had my next child and then decide.

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Who Am I?

In order for you to understand my journey, you will need to understand me, and what makes me tick and what makes me, well me. Hello, I am Justine Alison Deslauriers and let me start from the beginning.

VSN News

We've Got Some Wonderful News

Vermont Surrogacy Network (VSN) closed out 2017 with three transfers just before Christmas and rang in the New Year of 2018 with all three transfers being confirmed as pregnancies!!!