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Why should I work with a surrogacy agency?

Why you should work with a gestational surrogacy matching program rather than an independently matched journey.

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Meet The Newest Member of the VSN Team!

Hi everyone! I’m Mo. If you don’t know me, I’ve been a small part of the Vermont Surrogacy Network team for a few years. I’m so excited to say that I’ll be increasing my time with Jes. We figured now…

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You may have noticed promotions and advertisements for compensation up to $70,000 or $80,000. These are gimmicks to get your attention and convince you to work with their agency.

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Misconceptions About Surrogacy In Vermont

I recently received an e-mail from intended parents I was representing in a gestational surrogacy arrangement. Their carrier is due in the fall, and they were hearing some surprising statements from the hospital birthing center staff.

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Starting The Process of Gestational Surrogacy Amidst a Global Pandemic

With the risk of sounding hokey, we do want to sincerely express that we understand your fears and hesitations around moving forward with gestational surrogacy during such an uncertain time. Vermont Surrogacy Network is riding the wave with you and taking this very seriously.

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New Protocols for Gestational Surrogacy During a Pandemic

What's going to be the "new normal" in Gestational Surrogacy after COVID-19? Let's shed some light on what we are doing at Vermont Surrogacy Network and what is happening at the IVF clinics we work with.

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11 weeks and counting! Well two weeks has gone by, and it has been a rough two weeks. The first week karma decided that if I took two days off work it would bite me with a stomach virus. I ended up in the hospital and two bags of fluid later I was released to go and spent 16 hrs asleep.

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Well, just like that 6 months have gone by. It took 4 transfers to finally get a little one to stick…as of today I am officially off all hormones! Yahoo!

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My Life Till Now

So in 2008 my mother, father, brother, and myself all picked up and moved to Vermont. To a hotel of all places. Well it wasn’t that bad. I made friends with the night clerk and swam all the time, got my own room. So it really wasn’t all bad. I had a few dates with some guys.

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Birth And Beyond

Very happy to announce surrobaby girl!!! She arrived Tuesday May 14, 2019 at 1:51pm. She was 7 lbs 9oz and 21 inches. By far my largest. It was one of my more complicated labors even though it was only 17 minutes. Let's just say when I thought she was out, she actually wasn't, so two contractions worth of pushing.