Vermont Surrogacy Network Fees

Short Term BYOS Service - through first trimester


Long Term BYOS Service - through post delivery


Attorney Fees



Birth Certificate Amendment


Carriers Legal Fees


Total Legal Fees


Psychological Evaluation

Varies by Clinic

Medical Screening for GS

Varies by Clinic

Escrow Trust Account Management


Estimate Carrier Reimbursements

Maternity Clothes


Life Insurance


Monthly Allowance


Medical Co-Pays

$8,000 - $20,000 (dependent on the carrier’s health insurance)

Total Estimate Intended Parent Costs Estimate


$26,000 - $38,000


$31,000 - $43,000

*Please note that this is a rough estimate only, that every case is different. There is a wide range of possible costs, and the gestational surrogacy contract negotiated with your carrier will provide details on the reimbursements to the carrier under many scenarios.

*Medical expenses for the IVF and medical screening are not included here, as they vary widely from clinic to clinic.

*With compassionate carry we do not run background checks unless you specifically want them done, as in most cases you know each other well. If background checks are requested or required, you will be billed for the additional expense.

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