BYOS Support Programs

The Bring Your Own Surrogate (BYOS) programs are designed to offer you two levels of support and guidance through the surrogacy journey for intended parents who have found a surrogate independently, wether the surrogate is a friend, family member, colleague or someone you have connected with independently.

Vermont Surrogacy Network, LLC, in an effort to extend our mission to provide an ethical, affordable, and supportive environment to both gestational surrogates and intended parents, has expanded our gestational surrogacy support program to include Bring Your Own Surrogate (BYOS). 

We now offer two options for inexpensive support packages to intended parents, who have found their own gestational surrogate. Both of these packages include compiling medical records, health insurance review, coordination with the IVF clinic, preparation consultations with both the intended parents and gestational surrogate, assistance in preparing for legal contracts, connecting you to attorneys, and much more. We understand that not everyone requires the same level of support, which is why we offer a short-term and long-term BYOS policy.

Our short-term BYOS policy includes all the services mentioned above, as well as support for all parties through the end of the first trimester. This option is most commonly chosen when the gestational surrogate is a close friend or family member if all parties are very comfortable in their relationships with each other and do not feel they will need additional support past the first trimester.

Our long-term BYOS policy includes all the services above, as well as support for all parties through the full duration of the pregnancy and post-delivery. This option is more commonly chosen when the gestational surrogate is someone the intended parents have found through an advertisement, or a co-worker, or in cases when the parties would simply like to know that they have outside support should they need someone to talk to or help with problem-solving along the way.

We have found that implementing a support program for any type of surrogacy process is helpful in decreasing the stress of all parties, as this is a very complex process to navigate, it is very helpful to have experienced professionals helping you every step of the way.

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