11 weeks and counting!

Well two weeks has gone by, and it has been a rough two weeks. The first week karma decided that if I took two days off work it would bite me with a stomach virus. I ended up in the hospital and two bags of fluid later I was released to go and spent 16 hrs asleep.

On the plus side with absolutely nothing in my stomach I was able to feel baby movement.. little flutters nothing big... the next weekend I came down with a massive cold... I am still trying to recoup, still can't eat as much as I used to, lots of orange juice and water, flu shot hopefully next week! I'm not taking any chances the way these two weeks have been. I have found that even as sick as I have been, I am still here, still going!

Oh so week 12 is coming up, which means a clothing allowance, I love shopping for cute maternity tops or dresses, but I dread any type of pant shopping, blah! I cant believe how fast this is going, belly buddy is the size of a plum and has fingers and toes! As for symptoms I am still really tired, dizzy, and my bouts of nausea is starting to settle finally. I can't eat spaghetti sauce, baby does not like spaghetti sauce. It's more of a moment to moment for eating between the sickness and nausea spells, I eat what I can... I found fruit is a good go to, that doesn't upset my stomach.

Well talk to you all soon!