Well, just like that 6 months have gone by. It took 4 transfers to finally get a little one to stick…as of today I am officially off all hormones! Yahoo!

This last week of injections my record time was 4 minutes from the time I sat down until the time I cleaned everything up. It got to the point where I did not need any ice, just a deep breathe and a relaxed leg …to think I did this for approximately 6 weeks is insane, the little estrogen pills were for 10 weeks. Now, no more injections and 10 weeks pregnant!

I’m thrilled and the intended family is thrilled. I can tell you that having the extra hormones suck, when the pregnancy hormones finally kick in, I was so sick and tired. Of course I have a stomach of steel so I never threw up, but came pretty close. Now we have graduated to the OBGYN, we have our first heartbeat appointment the first week of November.

I can tell I am getting bigger, well that may be the partial food baby I’m carrying as well. My kids are still confused but, I think they will understand. Yay next up…Halloween, oh I hope my costume fits, yikes!