Happy Turkey Day!

Its Thanksgiving day, it's crazy to think that this surro journey started a year ago!

After three failed transfers finally the last little embryo that was left took, now as of tomorrow I'll be 15 weeks pregnant! I'm finally sporting a baby bump. Its been a journey for sure and it's still not over. I am sure glad the first trimester is over however, that's a plus.

I am thankful for this opportunity that I can give to another family. I have been wanting to mark this journey afterwards through a tattoo, but was racking my brain on what to get. I have finally decided on a stork of some sort. I figure the stork resembles me as just the carrier. I may add the year as well, because as women have more children we tend to lose more memory... and I thought my husband was bad.

As it being a day of thanks, I can't help but be thankful for everything I have been blessed with. It may seem odd to think this way after already losing a child, but as time goes by I find more to be thankful of, my kids, my family, my house, my job, my health. I can only live in the moment, I am thankful that one day when I will see my son again, but until then I will enjoy everything I can, including all the aches and pains of the pregnancy.

This is the path I am meant to take, and I will cherish every part, and so should you. Happy Thanksgiving!