Catching Up

Ok, so it has been a while since I have been able to write. It may seem like there is all the time in the world for being able to write a three minute paragraph, but over the last couple of months it has been one type or busy on top of another type of busy.

Currently 37 weeks, and will be 38 weeks on Friday. Intended parents and I have come up with a plan. I will have a membrane sweep done at 39 weeks so next Friday! Sounds so real when I put it that way, if I don't have baby girl next weekend, I will be induced the following Tuesday.

This was the best plan to make sure Mom and Dad, would be here for birth. I still haven't even sanitized my breast pump pieces yet. I have two pumps, so hopefully I will get to see which one is better. I plan on pumping for 6 weeks for baby girl, but if all goes well pumping wise, I will probably continue to do so. So lots of water, and lactation cookies here I come.

I'm super excited and nervous, as this journey is coming to an end for me but a beginning for another. The love for the family and the joy I am bringing them makes the difference, and I'm enjoying every second of their happiness.