Tips to Communicate and Connect as a Surrogate

Pregnant Woman Talking to Other Women

Choosing the path of being a gestational surrogate allows you to give the incredible gift of parenthood and make an incredible difference in someone’s life, which is why it is important to consider the impact that communication and building a connection can play in your experience.

High-quality communication with the intended parents and others involved can help foster meaningful connections and positive relationships throughout all stages of your journey. Here are tips and tricks for communicating effectively, creating strong connections and having the most successful surrogacy possible.

Establish a Positive Tone

Make sure to use a helpful and encouraging tone when speaking with the parents of the baby you are carrying, as it is truly an honor to be part of this incredible journey as the carrier of their precious child. By maintaining an open line of communication and a positive tone, you can talk as a strong team to ensure the utmost care for their little one.

By offering reassurance and being compassionate, you can show that you understand this experience is deeply personal and emotive for the intended parents and for you as the surrogate. With an upbeat approach, you can celebrate this unique bond you share and look forward to the exciting moments leading up to the day when you help a family have their child.

Listen Carefully to the Intended Parents

Take your time to fully understand what they are saying and ensure you correctly understand their perspective in the surrogacy experience. In the journey of surrogacy, it is essential to listen carefully to all parties involved, ensuring each perspective is thoroughly understood and respected.

By taking the time to truly grasp the emotions, concerns, and aspirations of the intended parents, and any other individuals entwined in this beautiful process, a solid foundation of trust and empathy can be built. Engaging in open and supportive communication not only pave the way for a smoother surrogacy experience but also nurtures invaluable bonds that can last a lifetime.

Remember, patience and attentiveness are vital components of understanding and appreciating the unique perspective of each person that plays a part in bringing new life into a family.

Ask Questions

Ask questions in order to gain insight into any intended parent perspectives and how you can best connect with them. As a helpful guide, it's essential to ask questions about possible concerns of intended parents and learn how you can manage any differences during your surrogacy journey. By making inquiries, you provide a safe space where parents feel comfortable voicing their opinions, helping you understand their unique circumstances and desires.

It's important to create a genuine connection, so everyone can feel confident about choosing surrogacy. So, don't hesitate to dive in and ask the right questions – it not only shows your empathy and understanding but also demonstrates your commitment to helping hopeful parents achieve their dreams of building a family.

Be Respectful

Show awareness for the intended parents’ life experience that has led them to surrogacy, which can include infertility, health issues and being a non-traditional family. As you embark on the journey of surrogacy, it is vital to extend a sense of respect and understanding, recognizing what may have led them to this path.

Being respectful means acknowledging the emotional and physical challenges they may have faced, and embracing the courage and determination it takes to overcome these obstacles in pursuit of parenthood. By maintaining a helpful and empathetic tone, you can contribute to a supportive environment so everyone can navigate the surrogacy with confidence and ease.

Show Gratitude for Your Surrogacy Journey

When building great connections with the intended parents, express your gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of their journey and that you appreciate any input or advice they can give. Building strong relationships with the intended parents is a meaningful aspect of having the best time possible while you help them fulfill their dreams of parenthood.

Take the opportunity to genuinely thank them for entrusting you with such a significant responsibility and for sharing their insights, experiences and wisdom with you. Being open to their input and guidance not only enriches your understanding of their needs and desires but also demonstrates your genuine care and commitment to the process.

By consistently showing appreciation, you'll foster a supportive and nurturing environment that encourages clear communication, mutual trust and lasting bonds.

Share Fun Facts

Offering fun facts about yourself and asking the intended family about their interests adds a refreshing approach to the relationship and helps to break the ice and strengthen your bond with the intended parents. Establishing friendly communication lines as a surrogate with your intended family is pivotal in creating a strong and supportive dynamic throughout the journey.

Fun fact ideas you could share:

  • Hobbies (like hiking, knitting or yoga)

  • A favorite childhood memory

  • A quirky talent

For many surrogates and intended families, having a genuine connection and understanding of their surrogate can provide an immense sense of comfort and trust, contributing to a more rewarding experience.

Follow Up

When appropriate, follow up via email or phone so that the communication remains open. Maintaining open communication is essential in both personal and professional relationships, and one effective way to achieve this is through regular follow-ups. Reaching out helps you stay connected and also demonstrates your genuine concern and commitment to your surrogate experience.

A thoughtful follow-up allows you to show appreciation, provide updates or feedback and keep the conversation going – ensuring that all parties involved feel heard and valued. This effort can make a significant difference in nurturing strong, lasting relationships.

Create a Positive Relationship

Being a surrogate is a unique and meaningful experience that brings joy to both the surrogate and the parents. While it can be difficult sometimes to communicate effectively, it’s important to practice these tips in order to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.

If you have any questions about this process or wish to become a surrogate at Vermont Surrogacy, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us. We are here to help support every step of your journey!