How Do I Prepare for a Surrogate Pregnancy?

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When most people think about surrogacy, they think about couples who are unable to have children of their own pursuing this option as a way to build their families. But there is another side to surrogacy: women who become surrogates out of compassion and a desire to help others create families.

Becoming a surrogate mother is not something that should be taken lightly. It's an important decision that should only be made after much thought and consideration. That being said, if you're thinking about becoming a gestational surrogate, there are some things you need to know before you begin your surrogacy journey.

Find a reputable surrogacy agency

Gestational surrogacy is a complicated and sensitive process, which is why it's important to work with a reputable agency, and if you're considering becoming a gestational surrogate, working with a surrogacy agency is one of the best decisions you can make. There are many reasons why this is the case.

  • They have familiarity with the surrogate pregnancy process and know how to best prepare you for your new role.

  • They will provide information and resources to help you make the best decisions for your family.

  • They’re with you from the beginning, offering guidance and support at every step.

  • They have a network of professionals with whom they can connect you, including doctors, counselors, and financial planners.

  • They can provide connections to experienced surrogates who have been through the process before and can provide support and guidance throughout your journey.

  • They will protect your rights and interests throughout the surrogacy process.

  • It will provide you with peace of mind, knowing you're not alone in this process.

While surrogacy can be a wonderful way to create a family, it's not without its challenges. By working with a reputable agency like Vermont Surrogacy Network, you can be sure you're getting the best possible help and support throughout the process.

Discuss with your partner & children

Becoming a surrogate is a big decision that will affect not just you but also your partner and children. Before moving forward, it's necessary to discuss with your family why you're considering surrogacy, what the process entails, and how it will impact your daily life.

Discussing surrogacy with your family will help them understand what you're going through and give them a chance to voice any concerns they may have. It will also ensure everyone is on the same page and comfortable with the decision.

It's also an excellent opportunity to talk about your expectations for the experience and what role they would like to play in it. Ultimately, the decision to become a surrogate is a personal one. Still, it's important to involve your family in the process.

Educate yourself

Gestational surrogacy is a complicated and emotionally charged process. If you're considering becoming a surrogate, you should educate yourself on the requirements of surrogacy and the surrogacy process. It will help you make an informed decision about whether or not surrogacy is right for you at this stage in your life. You'll be better prepared for the journey ahead by understanding what to expect.

Surrogate requirements

Requirements vary by state and country. In the United States, surrogate candidates must be at least 21 years old, have had at least one successful pregnancy, and have no history of mental health issues. Some further pre-qualifications include:

  • Being healthy enough to carry another's baby without putting your own health at risk.

  • A Body Mass Index (BMI) of 35 or lower.

  • No history of severe anxiety or depression.

  • You are emotionally stable.

  • Having a solid support system.

  • You have been pregnant before and delivered without any major complications.

  • You want to carry another pregnancy without raising another child of your own.

  • You want to give the gift of parenthood to an intended parent who is unable to carry a child of their own.

You will begin the surrogate application process if you meet those requirements.

Many important decisions must be made, and one must understand all the implications before moving forward. Educating yourself about gestational surrogacy will ensure you're making the best decision for yourself and your family.

Be physically and mentally prepared

The decision to become a gestational surrogate is not one that's made lightly. Not only does it involve a significant commitment of time and energy, but it also requires a great deal of emotional and physical preparation.

First and foremost, ensuring you're physically healthy to carry out a pregnancy is vital. This means being at a healthy weight, having no history of pregnancy complications, and being free from any chronic medical conditions.

Surrogate mothers need to be in good physical health to help ensure the baby is healthy. Pregnancy has many physical demands, and carrying a baby requires a great deal of energy. Surrogate mothers need to be sure they're physically prepared for this challenge.

In addition, they need to be aware of the potential risks and complications that can arise during pregnancy and childbirth. By being in good physical health, surrogate mothers can help reduce these risks and give their babies the best possible chance at a healthy start in life.

Also paramount is being mentally ready for the challenges of surrogacy. This includes dealing with potential changes in your body image and moods, managing your expectations, and communicating effectively with the intended parents and your own family. For some surrogate mothers, it can be challenging to carry a baby for nine months and then give them up at birth. This part of the surrogacy process can be a very difficult experience, so it's important to be emotionally prepared for this.

Preparing both physically and emotionally will help ensure your surrogacy journey is positive for everyone involved.

Connect with other surrogates

No one can understand what it's like to be a gestational carrier better than another woman who has been through the experience herself. When you become a carrier, you embark on a very personal journey.

There are times when you will need support and understanding from others who have been in your shoes and can offer support, advice, and friendship. These connections are essential for both your mental and emotional wellbeing during and after the surrogacy process. In addition to providing much-needed support, connecting with other surrogates can also help you to feel more prepared for what lies ahead.

That's why it's so important to connect with experienced surrogates. By sharing your stories and experiences, you can provide each other with the compassion and empathy that’s so essential during this time.

Talking with other carriers, you can also gain valuable insights and advice about managing your journey as a gestational carrier. Whether you're just starting out or you've already completed your surrogate journey, connecting with other carriers is an important part of the process.

Establish a support system

The decision to become a gestational carrier isn't one to be taken lightly as you’ll be carrying another person's child. For this reason, it's essential to have a strong support system in place before you take on this role. And while it's possible to find information and support online, there's nothing quite like having a personal network of people who have been through the same experience.

Your partner, family, and friends will need to understand and support your decision. Establishing a support system before you become a gestational carrier will help ensure that you have the emotional and physical resources you need to successfully navigate this journey.

If you're considering becoming a carrier, take the time to build up your support system first. Talk to friends or family members who have done it before or join a carrier support group. These people will be invaluable during your journey, offering advice, emotional support, and understanding.

Work with a Reputable Surrogacy Agency

As with any significant decision, it’s necessary to do your research and gather as much information as possible before making a final decision. Surrogacy can be an amazing experience for everyone involved – but only if it’s the right choice for you.

At Vermont Surrogacy Network, we want all our surrogates to have the best chance for success, which is why we offer support throughout the entire process. If you have any questions or would like more information about our programs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to chat with you and help you determine if surrogacy is the right choice for you.