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My Surrogacy-Week 14

My Surrogacy –


My personal journey as a Gestational Surrogate began last February.  As we all do at different points in our lives, we look around and see pregnant woman everywhere: work, family, friends and complete strangers at the store or on the street!  I found myself thinking about how people come to making the decision to have a child, whether it’s planned or unplanned, their ages, life situations, etc.  This lead me down the path of thinking of those individuals and couples whose hearts desire is to have a child and have the terrible misfortune to have not been blessed with this experience in its most natural form. 


I am personally blessed with two amazing children that I could not imagine my life without.  As unexpected and unpredicted as they were when they came into my life, they have guided me and inspired me to be the best version of myself and to share that with the world.


That being said, I have the ability to pay it forward, as a gestational surrogate for a wonderful couple that has been working with IVF clinics for years, without success. 


My gestational surrogacy is now in it’s 14th week and I am glad to say, it has been an exceptional journey thus far. The couple I was matched with is absolutely lovely!  I felt a connection with them the first time we met and felt they would be incredible parents.


When I am asked about my surrogacy, often people ask how I will be able to give up the baby?  My answer is simple and always the same, “ This isn’t my baby, it belongs to an wonderful couple who I have the great fortune to be able to assist in having their own baby.  They are an amazing couple and I feel they are going to be wonderful parents to their baby”.  Every woman who chooses to be a gestational surrogate has specific traits and attributes she is looking for in the intended parents she is matched with.  If she does not feel that the match is placed with is the right “fit” for her, it could be a very uncomfortable and unfulfilling surrogacy experience.  There is nothing more important, in my opinion than finding the match that is the right “fit” for you.  Fortunately, for me, this was a perfect fit right away.