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So I am at 28 weeks, it's getting closer and closer to due date. Nerves are setting in of course, not so much about giving baby to her family, but the labor part. I get flashbacks of labors from my previous ones, and with family eh no problem. With the intended mother, even though she has been through the labor pains before, I feel like I may be embarrassed, but if you have ever gave birth. That may fly out the window when it comes time.

Ok the real reason for today is nesting. If you have ever been pregnant with your own child, there is this thing called nesting, where you put energy towards cleaning and setting up a nursery to get ready for that baby. So the energy is not spent driving everyone crazy. In surrogacy, there is no nursery to set up. So this means I drive everyone nuts.

My anxiety is at an all time high, have to clean this or I have to clean that. We also have a golden retriever, that is shedding her winter coat. So lint rollers here I come, there is dog hair everywhere, floor, under couches, in my bra, in my hair, on my pjs, in my bed, all over my socks. The toys have to be put away twice a day. If anything comes of this I hope my kids learn cleanliness. This nesting is so bad it has even leaked into my work life, this area needs to stay clear, clean up your desk, can you organize those boxes, or break them down, move this empty cart here or put it there.

Let see how long this lasts before everyone tells me to go take a vacation. Haha, here is to hoping I get big enough to not want to move. I just realized I'm in the final trimester and the baby is the size of an eggplant weighing in around 2.2 lbs. Write back soon!