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Ceili, a gestational surrogate working with Vermont Surrogacy Network, was just officially matched with intended parents. This will be Ceili's second gestational surrogacy with Vermont Surrogacy Network.
Ceili describes her excitement and experience of meeting the intended parents that she is going to carry a baby for during her second surrogacy!
Ceili is about to begin her 2nd surrogacy journey with Vermont Surrogacy Network. She explains her excitement and shares her Mother's Day message from her first intended parents.
Gestational Surrogate, Justine, has just delivered a beautiful baby girl. The parents couldn't be happier. Justine explains her delivery experience, hospital stay and moving forward after this part of the surrogacy journey comes to an end.
Justene is a gestational surrogate who is now 39 weeks pregnant! She discusses her thoughts on being induced and getting her body back after the delivery.
Justine is now 37 weeks pregnant as a gestational surrogate through Vermont Surrogacy Network. This is her current update!
So I am at 28 weeks, it's getting closer and closer to due date. Nerves are setting in of course, not so much about giving baby to her family, but the labor part. I get flashbacks of labors from my previous…
Half way there! Yay 20 weeks, I'm half way there. Just had the ultrasound and baby girl is growing well.  Weighing in about 10 oz and the size of a mango (6.5 inches).  The baby likes to beat me up,…
Justine is 15 weeks pregnant with her surrogacy. She tells of what she is thankful for this Thanksgiving.
Justine, a gestational surrogate, is 12 weeks pregnant and counting!