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Half way there! Yay 20 weeks, I'm half way there. Just had the ultrasound and baby girl is growing well.  Weighing in about 10 oz and the size of a mango (6.5 inches).  The baby likes to beat me up,…
Justine is 15 weeks pregnant with her surrogacy. She tells of what she is thankful for this Thanksgiving.
Justine, a gestational surrogate, is 12 weeks pregnant and counting!
Justine, now 11 weeks pregnant as a gestational surrogate, shares her struggles for the past few weeks of the pregnancy and the excitement moving forward.
  Well, just like that 6 months have gone by.  It took 4 transfers to finally get a little one to stick…as of today I am officially off all hormones!  Yahoo!   This last week of injections my…
Playing the waiting game from Transfer Day to seeing if I'm pregnant - nervous, maybe just a little.
Injections, Estrogen, and Slim Jims: The surrogacy journey of Justine Deslauriers
My experiences as a gestational surrogate in Vermont.
A summer of crushes and a high school experience that was the ultimate experience, one I honestly wouldn't mind doing again.
When you're a kid you care about laughing, having fun, playing sports, and learning. Should anything else really matter? Who Am I?... Come find out.