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KidsVT.com article on gestational surrogacy in Vermont. Stories and insight from members of Vermont Surrogacy Network, as well as gestational surrogates and intended parents who worked with VSN through their surrogacy journeys.
So excited to be sharing multiple successes in 2018 with our intended parents and surrogates.
New Parentage Bill passed by Vermont House of Representatives will offer pre-birth orders for couples working with assisted reproduction and gestational surrogates.
Vermont Surrogacy Network has been operating for the past 2-3 years. Gestational Surrogacy is beginning to increase in popularly as a family building option. Gay parents have emerged as Gay marriage has become legal in all states.
Two gay fathers almost lose their son while trying to legally "adopt" him and be placed as the legal parents on his birth certificate.
12 Celebrities Who Have Opened Up About IVF And Surrogacy Gestational Surrogacy and IVF are becoming more common in the past decade than ever before. Celebrities speak out about their challenges with infertility and their path to gestational surrogacy and IVF treatments.
Secondary infertility is an unexpected outcome for couples who are working to build their families. For many, the first pregnancy came with ease and ended with the inability to carry another child.
Benefits and challenges of embryo donation verses embryo adoption.
Two best friends from childhood, take the journey through surrogacy together after a long and exhausting struggle with infertility. Surrogacy between friends of over 20 years.
Missouri Proposed Legislation Would Throw All Forms of Assisted Reproductive Technology Into Legal Chaos. Gestational surrogacy and IVF in Missouri. Who chooses what happens to the frozen embryos?