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Anticipated Delivery!

Anticipating delivery!

As my due date approaches, I feel myself becoming anxious, as any expectant mother would.   Continually running the questions through my mind…when will the baby come, what will I be doing, where will I be, who will I be with, what will I miss or need to reschedule for my other children? Even more so, will it happen suddenly and be a rush to the hospital or will I have hours to walk around my home monitoring contraction times and intensity, maybe it won’t happen on its own and I’ll need to be induced. My first child was induced after being 10 days late, my second was born on her due date.  Anything is possible!

My husband and I sat with our kids last night and planned out a calendar of events for the next 6 weeks, through the end of their school year.  We joke that at some point there is going to be a 2-3 day hiccup in our schedule, because the baby will be coming and laugh about the time slots that would be most convenient for the delivery! 

The world loves to have a schedule, a plan.  Having children you learn very quickly from the point of their delivery that they are always unpredictable and changing the agenda.  Which leads back to the amazing journey of surrogacy, after the 2-3 day hiccup in my schedule, I don’t have to worry about sleepless nights (anymore) and mid-night feedings. 

After delivery, my surrogacy journey will come to an end and the intended parents journey through parenthood begins!!!  It is truly an exciting moment to anticipate, seeing these wonderful people meet their child for the first time, knowing that this child will be loved and cherished, knowing they will face the hurtles that all parents face, but that they will also experience the most intense love anyone ever could, the love between a parent and their child.