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Maine and My First Love

I wasn’t going to go into when I lived in Maine my 8th-grade year. But I think I should since it is where I learned about being a woman. I learned that women are scary when you mess with another guy. I really learned what it means to be in love (well first love). I was crushing hard on this one boy who I thought I would never ever have a chance with. He was a soccer star, I was just the band geek that sat in the back corner. It wasn’t until 8th-grade prom he noticed me. Also, this is where I had other girls mad at me for dancing with their guy (not the same boy). It was a "Thank You" dance since we drove him to the prom in the first place, and they were not even dating, I am so rolling my eyes right now. Anyways I invited my crush to a summer party and from there we crushed on each other. I don’t remember how but we ended up at my other grandparents’ house and I remember actually holding hands. I remember my heart in my throat, saying, "oh my god, oh my god, it's real, pinch me it's real". Some days I think it’s still not real. Okay, for real here, my heart is racing again. It really is true you don’t forget your first love. Unfortunately, that did not last as we moved back to California.

High School…What a Trip

Let me see...high school. I was in three of them in Calipatria for most of my 9th-grade year. Then it was New Jersey for like a month. Then Pennridge High School is where I graduated from, in Pennsylvania, with 670 other students. Talk about a long graduation ceremony.

High school, well I could probably go on and on and on about high school, but let me give you the gist of it. I went to school, got good grades, was in band, had many boyfriends, a girlfriend or two. It really was the ultimate experience and honestly I wouldn’t mind doing it again. 10th-grade I got my first ever boyfriend, first ever kiss, lost that womanly part of myself. Junior year I had a boyfriend almost the whole school year (didn’t think that would happen since I had a track record of 2 weeks for the longest time. Mind you, I am still the quiet shy girl here.

I also started my working career at McDonald’s, yes of all places. I loved it. It was me at the time fun and I loved to work, actually still do depending on what I am doing. I would work till 12am most nights then go to school the next morning. I had band practices and even band camp. I marched all over the state of Pennsylvania, I even marched the Indy 500 track! My senior year I was a little lost duckling staying focused on school and band, part of me wanted to be a wild child but I was too good for that, too innocent.

My senior year, well that was a little different I "free birded" the senior year, had a girlfriend, went to prom. Just experimenting like teenagers do, a typical teen. After graduation, I moved in with the girlfriend and got a job with Burger King. The relationship with the girlfriend didn’t last but Burger King did. I continued to work for Burger King for about 5 years off and on. After only a few months with Burger King, I became a supervisor at 18 years old. This was quite the achievement for me, I was proud of myself. I look back now and realize I probably should have lived a little more, had more fun, but I also think I did have fun and loved what I did.

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