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Parent Meeting Tomorrow

Friday, June 7th, 2019

Tomorrow is the big day! We will be meeting with my future womb mate's parents. So many questions are running through my head.  Will we hit it off right from the beginning? Will we hug when we meet? Will the conversation flow smoothly? Will my kids try to dominate the show and perform like we are their audience?

Well I know the answer to that last one, of course they will. I wonder how it will be this time with Jacob being older and understanding more about what is going on. He was two when we started the last pregnancy and he didn't really care that my belly grew, I spent some time in the hospital and had a couple weeks of down time. When he visited me at the hospital he was more excited to take a tour than to hang out with me or see the babies. 

The pregnancy timeline will be different this time, starting in September instead of December which make work out good for me if morning sickness kicks in right around the time colder weather moves in and lazy days lounging on the couch are more in style. Although I may be 6 months pregnant with twins in February, when we get the most snow. And last time around that time stairs or long walks became an enemy so hopefully I don't fall down in the snow or I may be stuck there until someone comes along and hoists me back up!

Either way it will be a fun, exciting new adventure with new friends! Looking forward to getting this show on the road :-) 


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