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You are Matched!

Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

The face-to-face could not have gone better! It was a nice, laid back day and the kids behaved relatively well while demanding attention in the most adorable way. Jacob said that I should grow some babies and give them to Patty to I think we have his approval. While Briella is a little more hesitant for the sole reason that the bigger I get, the less likely I will play board games with her.  When a friend picked her up from daycare last year and she found out I had the twins, her first response was "great, no she can finally play a game with me again!".
Honestly, after 20 weeks pregnant with twins there is no reason I will be sitting on the ground since I can't get back up on my own! So I will have to find ways to make B feel special this time, and see many pedicures in our future since she loves getting her nails done.
As for Patty and Shawn, I feel like we would have been friends outside of this anyway experience anyway since they are so similar to Dave and myself. She came in and hung out with me and this kids at first and Dave gave Shawn a tour of our property and they bonded over the skate ramps and the bmx track like little kids. 
Patty kept saying to let her know if she gets too “annoying” or “gets too involved” which I thought was funny since I think that is exactly how she should be when I’m “babysitting” their kids. We talked about how I may want another kid at some point in the far future, which may just be because my kids are past the baby phase and I am missing it but Dave doesn’t think we need any more kids. Patty joked around saying if one of the embryos split we could keep the third child, which showed me we have a very similar sense of humor.

Over all I think it was a great success and we could not have asked for a better match. I think this is exactly what I was hoping for with a couple that wants to be super involved, with the bonus of a possible friendship after as well.
It looks like we are going for a mid/late-September transfer,  that way I would be due in early June and most likely have them in mid-May (possibly by Mother's Day!) and I could recover the last week my kids are in school and Dave can be there to help me while they are in school. That should make it a little easier on my family and I should be back to normal-ish by the time the kids are out of school for the summer.
I could not imagine being super pregnant with twins in the winter and trying to walk in snow. I could barely make it up the stairs towards the end last time! Do you hear that Vermont?! If you could avoid snowing in May next year that would be great...

Next step is moving the embryos to clinic, and my IUD is scheduled to come out at the end of June!
Let the fun begin :-)

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